About us

Vertrapol specializes in outsourcing of workers to Germany. The company’s name derives from the combination of two words, which underline our core values- the German „Vertrauen”, which means trust and the word „Poland”. Not only do we put a great emphasis on building trust in our company, amongst ourselves as well as our clients, but we also supply our clients with Polish workers, whose diligence is renowned. Due to our twelve-year experience we are proud to provide a wide choice of verified offers and attractive remuneration. We aim to please our foreign partners, as well as our workers.

Our goal

We know that this can only be achieved by collaborating with trusted clients and by selecting the best employees. In order to facilitate a smooth experience of working abroad, we have created a web of job coordinators, whose role is to make sure our employees feel safe in Germany. Thanks to this we are able to deliver the highest services, as well as earn the satisfaction of each party involved.

Our values

You can trust us

Due to our twelve-year experience, we are able to provide services of the highest quality. We collaborate only with trusted clients, offer attractive remuneration and on-time payments. Trust is our most important value.

We value diligence

The key to success is diligence. We expect the highest standards not only from our workers, but also from ourselves. For this reason we expect all our employees to be engaged, motivated and driven.

High quality

Due to the high competition in the German market it is important for a company to offer services of the highest quality. For this reason we make sure that our workers are fully prepared by providing them with a German language course. Moreover, thanks to our web of job coordinators we are able to constantly support and help our employees with daily problems, which translates into their effectiveness at work.